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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

I recently read an article in the ZeitenSchrift ( about exactly this topic of the collective attention. However, it was focusing on the Afghanistan war and how most of the world's nations along with their people approved of it, merely due to their attention to the subject.
The article is called "All asleep, One is watching/awake" (I translated this; German lyrics of "Silent Night" [the article is German])
Hence, it was said that the real intention of the war was to remain hidden. The three basic points where:
1. Have a large enough group
2. Focus the groups attention on one issue
3. Yet veil the true intention of the actions focused upon

This is supposedly to add momentum to one's cause and thus to syphon these energies in some way that was not described. They also theorised whether the Vatican had advanced methods for this process as there was apparently very little 'non-randomness' by the inauguration of the current pope.
I do not know whether the lack of non-randomness is an indicator of the attention/meditation energy being syphoned but I think it might be an issue to look into to not let all this go in vain.

So does somebody know more about HOW this is 'harvested/syphoned' if it is possible and if so, how we could prevent that from happening?

Another detail of the article was non-randomness during a peace meditation and I can't see myself how peace meditation differed in pattern from catastrophes. I would love to hear more about what pattern we are looking for.
As far as I can see this now, non-randomness is probably rather what is usually called 'a window of opportunity' where things are capable to quickly turn in direction rather than a positive or negative force in itself.

However, these are all just recollections and musings, but I wanted to bring this to attention here.
Would love to stand corrected or get more information on this.
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