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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Blessings All!!

Here is an amazing link about how each of us has a ripple effect on our world & Universe!!

Also I will be adding over 100 sites to our list in the next day or so.... I would like to remind all concerned that we are doing a Global Meditation at the sites,plus homes and other gathering places around the world. This first
Global Meditation will be to send out our "Ripples".

It will take time to co-ordinate the precise points that Astralwalker is speaking of and won't be ready until hopefully, the Summer Meditation. We will work on getting all sites co-ordinated and put into the list.By the summer meditation,we will know which sites are important to set up this wave of energy to expand our consciousness and heal ourselves and Earth.A little more patience is required to put ALL in place.

Please continue meditation practices and learning!

Please come forward to be a guide & promote a particular site!!

We need more sites from Russia and China, and Africa,and Europe.

Mudra mentioned an interesting point that many sacred sites are built on with Cathedrals-Astralwalker and others with more knowledge will have to let us know what are the best sites.

The work will continue in Love,Hope, Joy & Strength!!

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