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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Blessings Mudra,

Thanks for the info ,continued conection it lead me to the comments page

My initial thought looked like radio waves signal?

Then read comments page

Sundial theory : It's full moon the 9th not sure when cycle starts or ends? but many of us there 4 days 7 - 10 (four rings on crop circle?)

so then to this :
This is the truth or dare Full Moon; a time to honor the transformative power of truth-telling and a very intense Full Moon to put into action (through ritual release) the goals you set at the New Moon in Taurus. Since this Full Moon falls in a water sign, releasing your intentions near a stream, river, lake, or ocean is particularly powerful. But before you let go, have one last look at your goals. Whom do they truly serve? What will they bring to the world? Since Scorpio demands depth and fearlessness, this last look will have to be brutally honest. If your goals require a change of mind, of heart, and/or of action, this is the night to successfully tackle fears that could impede the ability to fully embrace change. Scorpio seeks deep truth by peeling back layers of lies and half-truths—within us and without us. This is a Full Moon to see things as they truly are, not as you wish them to be. The intense planetary configurations on this Full Moon will be a great help in this regard.

More here

Lens of fresnel : i followed the link
then avebury link

Hesse mai 2007 goosebumps Hesse vey close to my surname and yin yang symbol also, oh 2 days after my birthday.(yup Taurus)

Then this

Here we go again!
First impression of this formation appears to indicate a radio wave type transmission - are we in for a season of communication ? Upon seeing the formation at first glance it had the possibility of a "DEARINTH" but the god and goddess are missing from the centre.

So i sent them an invitation to nexus

oh and this :anyone speak french

Quite a few coincidences??

Love light & oneness

Much love i have for all i have is love

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