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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

The term "Operation Terra" refers to both a body of information and an operational concept. The information was telepathically transmitted to Sara Lyara Estes (aka Lyara) by a group of higher-density beings who refer to themselves as "The Hosts of Heaven." It was presented as a series of Messages — cosmic "lessons" from these celestial beings. The Messages are fully available at no charge on this site, and all of the material has also been published in three softcover books, for those who prefer that format. Additional material is available in the Articles section of this site.

The concept of Operation Terra is one of assisting Planet Earth in her ascension to her next form — the new Earth, Terra — and the colonization of that new planet by a group of pioneers from the present planetary civilization who will undergo a personal, physical transformation along the way.

The "op" is a cooperative venture between those who are on the ground (the "ground troops") and those who surround the planet on many levels of being. You can read more about the purpose, structure and present process of the "op" by clicking on the links in this sentence or the appropriate buttons at the left.

The Hosts have indicated that we are living during a time when a major cosmic cycle will complete and result in an entirely new Creation, giving rise to the emergence of several different "future Earths," each of which occupies a different timeline and compartment of reality. The Operation Terra material focuses on the particular timeline that leads to Terra (which is only one of those "future Earths") and which is splitting off from the other possible timelines and destinations.

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