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Default Re: Do you think frequency devices hinder ascension?

hard wires can be a option too, I just think signaling thru the air waves is a bit more incognito and flexible. I understand that someone with awareness can over come anything, but the main targets are the people who trust in everything the governments and religion tells them. This is why I asked, “Do you think frequency devices hinder ascension?” in other words…could there be a possibility that electronics are secretly being used to manipulate the unaware?

I wouldn’t mind expanding my abilities in such a way…and I absolutely appreciate the little things in life. I appreciate a sunny day, a smile on someone’s face. When an ant scuttles by carrying a chunk of bread crumb and his wounded partner in its mouth…I am in awe. I appreciate a walk on the beach. Imagine If sand had the ability to be animated…and if one gain of sand became bias towards the others, a domino effect happens, a ripple, in time…beaches will only be a myth in someone’s discussion.

I wonder what type of vegetation is on this Ascension Island… in the middle of no where. Nice

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