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Default Re: Nexus 2012: Synchronized Global Meditations : give your feed back

Originally Posted by alchemikey View Post
i listened to phireflye's new file last night before bed...i really liked it...i think the water sounds and the animal noises add a nice dimension of feeling to the track along with a deeper connection to vote is to go with this...what does everyone else think?

thanks for all the feedback, everyone.
overall the response is excellent. people are saying they do feel powerful effects.

mostly I wanted to know whether this version solves the issue of using phied's recording, but amping up the heart vibes...and this does seem to be the case from what you are saying, as well as my own experience.
twoRone: I had the same experience as your girlfriend, which is what emboldened me to put this out there to see how others respond...

however, as some people have felt the whale/dolphin/child sounds were a bit loud or distracting, which is exactly what I was wondering about, i think that if we do decide to go with this version i will tone that part down just a bit. any other feedback greatly appreciated! thanks

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