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Default Re: Nexus 2012: Synchronized Global Meditations : give your feed back

So I guess, I'll make a start...tho process itself went smoothly, but the emotions were somehow weak on the begining and very strong at the end.
I could vizualise the earth as allways, already healed and in another space and time, shining so brite from every corner....

I could saw again some contours of a pyramide, but that dissapeared very fast this time.

But I had two very strong emotions / visions:

The first one was a very clear voice that insisted that I (we) "must deal the matter with the ..... respect"!!!

I unfortunately dont remember anymore what word was said before respect, it was five letters...a very strange word, makes no sense for me...but I clearly understood it's something about dealing with respect...

The second one was a painting which could be find on the walls in an egypt pyramide. There were four ot five symbols, the left one was the smallest, the right one the biggest. From left to right it was obvious that the symbols were getting more human, but the last and the biggest one was strange...

It was a human body, turned with it's back to me, looking back to me over his shoulders...and the face was not human, but like a hybrid of human and bird. It could be a mask or something. Very strange, at least for me. I just couldn't say what this could mean...
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