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Default Re: Nexus 2012: Synchronized Global Meditations : give your feed back

This was a meditation full of some messages. Some makes sense to me, some not. Maybe some of you will have a clue about them after reading...

In the last weeks I tend to hear voices during the meditation. The first message I received was a voice coupled with a clear picture of Stonehenge.
I saw 4 entities, human maybe, pretty big in a bit shadowed ilumination, standing in front of Stonehenge as some watchers and at that moment I cleraly heard the words: "Stone..." (not completed) and "permission".

I had the feeling it had to do with our planned meditation on the sacred places, which Stonehenge belongs to. I guess that before starting with the meditation on the 9th of May, the one who will be at Stonehenge will have to ask for a kind of permission. I'm sure it is not a kind of public authorities permission we're supposed to get...but more from the Gaia itself, or maybe from this watchers, if they're realy there?

The second one was something I don't quite understand. I saw two circles, each had an arrow inside, pointing to each other. It was like a kind of direction sign.

Then I again heard another clear voice message saying "education" and just at that moment I was clearly shown the Avalon Forum website. Pretty cool, isn't it?

Another strange experience was, I was flying somewhere and suddenly I came to a kind of border, which was like a huge circle without possibilities to pass thru. Then all of a sudden, I saw a plate which I had a feeling should present a vortex or a possibility to pass thru. I came near and saw two green lamps. The first lamp was labeled with the word "pep", the second one with the word "permission". Comming closer to this gateaway, the green lamps suddenly went out and the plate dematerialized and I was given the oportunity to suddenly pass thru, if I could. But I was unable to, as I sensed I'm still not ready to, I felt I was not loaded with the proper energy somehow. Like my vibrations were still too low...

And the last and most beautiful message was at exactly 1 minute before the meditation ended. I had a clear vision of the earth, shining sooo bright and suddenly changing the form from a 3D ball to a huge 3D heart!
As if she wanted to thanks us for the healing we're doing each week, I felt a great feeling of joy and gratitude in my heart. This was remarkable, I was so overwhelmed.

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