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Default Re: Nexus 2012: Synchronized Global Meditations : give your feed back

Blesings to all

My experience was again quite different.

Took me awhile to get into (noise levels in house).

My first experience was a pulsating pink heart,The heart was like glass or crystal ,and just the edges we like this this inside was pulsating warmest pink ever felt. it got bigger as it came closer to big to see in the end but a white light remained for ages.

Then towards the end i felt my brain not my thoughts or my head m y brain had pressure in places quite mild but grew stronger to point of near pain like a head ache, throbbing but as it got to pain it would then move to another spot from front to back left to right.
Fro left to right was quick and intense front to back was more sow and heavy to point could feel my head lurching back and forth and jolt back when moved from front to back the front woud feel fresh and a feeling like fresh cool water had been wiped on my brow on hot day that kind of refreshed feeling.
The back tingled and was nice left and right was short bursts and fast then longer and stronger.

Was so peacfull when this stopped that drifted to sleep.But was awoke at 9.30 as requested as i always do so not to lose these thoughts.
My partner said i was asleep as snoring (ooops)but said i seemed to answer answer if awake and alert.

Usualy at snoring stage ya gotta shove me a few times

After when i sat to write i did not wish to i felt peacefull and wished to just experience.
So typed just one share most of this experience.
So i looked at peacefull thread on avaon that resonates with me and smiled at new posts and was content..

Truthseeker 360

Peace & Love

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