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Default Re: Avalon..the assembly point of old soul families..

Yes and from the four corners will we converge.

to oneness and raise gaia vibrations, harmony

Love light & oneness*

Originally Posted by Noela View Post
Thank you Mudra, and all who have contributed to this thread
Such inspiration in the poems and feelings expressed.

I, too, felt I had found my 'family' when I joined Avalon, but
it is only in the past week, since we met at Avebury, that
I have felt something really profound is going on here.

It is wonderful to see and hear that others recognise
that soul connection - not just those of us who were
at Avebury - but throughout the world - soul groups coming together.
I feel it is something that will spread and grow,
and we are privileged to be at the beginning of it.

Such a rare and beautiful sense of oneness. It has
filled my heart with joy in the past week.

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