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Default Re: Swineflu : The next wave

Pineal: I am happy to hear that you have prepared yourself, and even more happy that up to now you were not required to use it.

Tango: Please post a picture of your frequency generator or of the electrical circuit board. How do you apply it?

Thank you, Fiiish. It is always better to read the actual post first before replying. If only one person READS and DIGEST the info and then ACT upon it, the purpose of this threat is fulfilled.

Everybody knows by now that at present the dominant form of the virus is statistically much less harmful than any vaccine. I actually recommend to get out among people, in order to get infected. I have stopped to take Vitamin supplements, so that I can still get my natural jab.
That would be the most healthiest natural way to build up immunity now.
But I would not recommend this when the D225 mutant is aroundů
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