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Default Re: Swineflu : The next wave

Even if that's all true, it's not the point, IMO. The point is when you promote how terrible they are in what they are doing, and how dangerous it all is, and how people need to be awoken to this nightmare, you are actually feeding the negative energy with your own, and so strengthening it. You are helping them when you try to warn people of how scary and powerful they are.

You can't assume that people are ONLY operating on the tiny sliver of their overall consciousness which they've invested in this little 3D game of human being sorting out their polarity issues in the dense-i-verse. You don't know what they are doing in their higher aspects to transmute the fear and lower vibratory frequencies, while appearing to you in your own awareness to be missing all that's going on. They are not necessarily missing anything which you believe yourself to be seeing.

You see? If you take them and say "WATCH OUT.....DANGER!!!" you might actually be distracting them from the higher work they already have going on, and in that way, actually help the PTwishTW in promoting their fear agenda and keeping the overall vibratory frequency depressed to that degree.

The best thing people can do for themselves and for the planet right now, is just ignore the fear and move forward in building the world they want to see materialize.

The actual game going on here is on the energetic level. They have the physical level of play under their control only as long as they can keep people afraid of just ignoring them. We win by just ignoring them, because they can't do it without OUR energy invested, and they get us to invest OUR energy by blowing themselves up like puffer fish to make themselves look all scary and ominous, which if you could actually see them, it would make you laugh.

The only thing they can use to defeat us, is our inability to avoid fear, because we are shifting to a higher state of consciousness, where there will no longer be a possibility of a PTB situation. In fear, we are kept in our lower mind/Ego contraptions, and while there, we are not progressing towards our higher consciousness trying to reopen to us right now. The fear of the lower, can not mix with the love of the higher. So if they can just keep us in fear, they can keep us from shifting our primary consciousness into the 5th dimension, which is our next destination, for most of us.

Originally Posted by mu2143 View Post
Well if it speculation then it is for you and you do what you wanted to do is nothing, because for you it is a hoax right!!!. You pick the car without the air bags i'll take the one with the air bags. Maybe I crash maybe I don't

How may people you know that are awake and know about that the virus is created in a lab to kill us??? Why is fed not being replaced , why are we not back the gold backed currency?

Is it being told on the main stream media that where nothing but slaves and free enegry has been around for 70 years and there going to release this in to the public within 2 weeks. DO you see any truth on TV . I don't think so

Is it being told on the mainstream media that vaccines are bio weapons made by groupe of people who are controlling your governments. And there is going to be a trial for this ??????

I could go on and on about all the thing we know that the average person will call US crazy for this

There is enough information that currently the PTB are still contolling most of the people on the planet. Because if that was not the case then the game would be over would it???

That are facts period

Most people are still living in lala land

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