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Default Re: Dream warning?

dreams have different meanings to different people, A dream of water could mean an over whelming emotion flooding in or it could be prophetic and mean a giant wave coming in.
Look at dreams not as literal objects, but as emotions.

If an individual dreams of a snake
first thing you do, is ask yourself, what emotion does a snake evoke in me.

the dream would mean 2 different things to a person who loves snakes opposed to one who fears them,

so for the lover of snakes it would be about something good in their life.
The snake hater would be getting information about a fear or danger in their life.

Continents looking closer on a map, could mean that these countries are closer aligned rather than physically closer, it could be a distrust of a country alligning with another, in this case Australia and Europe, you may feel as though we are getting a little to close.

there ar ealways those prophetic dreams as well,
Our minds tell us he things that are important that we need to understand.

Hope I helped a little
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