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Wink Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

just wanted to post again about a visualization I use, that to me is very powerful in sending love-energy during meditations.. the meditator should use something very personal and heart-jarring as a visual.. for me it was the moment when I first held my new-born daughter only seconds from being born and she opened her eyes and looked directly into my eyes.. a moment so moving and so full of love, that to this day brings tears to my eyes and creates a flushing of electrical/emotioal energy and throws an intense 'green' ball of light into the cosmos and sends chills through every cell of my being... I think everyone has at least one of those moments in their life that they can reflect upon and stay in that moment as long as you can .... I like to call it "my moment"

just thought I'd pass it on
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