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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Harmony to all

[QUOTE]Why not devote our next meditation to Phied only ?
Our hearts united can hold Phied within the Love flow and
accelerate his recovery.
We have nothing to prove.. only LOVE to unleash .
What do you all think of this ? /QUOTE]

I think we need to stay on track with what we do,but i also feel we could offer another mediation day to Phied why not the next day for example.(input required)

I to would love to see Phied words of wisdom yet again.

I to have been feeling the sensation of falling over like takin big steps then suddenly re balancing with dizzy sensation 3 times now to be exact,and also a feeling like daydreaming but also aware of who iam but like im not really there (best i can explain at present)
These usually last for periods of about 15 seconds or so
I have put this down to clearing of old energies.

Love light @ Healing
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