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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Blessings all,

Great we move forward with PMA.

[QUOTE]we have 7 weeks till global meditation and if till now 20 people
could not vote on one music file it is going to be much harder with 3000.

in being more constructive ,originally there was plan for Wednesdays and Sundays meditations ,can we get back to that and hold Wednesdays
meditations ( same time 8 GMT ? ) with intentions of protections and healing
of us participants and Phied of course and that also would give us more dates to try new files

Good idea with a vote system we would create a divide and could loose valued participants whoose vote was not the majority and would not serve the purpose we require.
The extra meditation could be viable(i am unsure would this lower energies we build for our weekly meditation and weaken our main goal?)input required.

Maybe through meditation feedback thread we could look at past problems and rectify through tick box questionaire 1-5 scale on future music avi and get a more overall view and adjust to a happy medium of everyones thoughts feelings .

phireflye has done this of a kind listening to feedback and adjusting to feedback.
But will still recieve mixed feedback sounds to loud for some to quiet for others etc....
If people understand instead that this is based on above said questionaire
and maybe not perfect for them but is the same for the whole group not purfect but as best can be achieved for everyone (a happy medium)and resonate with that.
Then the experience will outweigh the individual requirements and the music will serve its purpose.

The questionaire could be posted on Rainbow warriors site for all to participate and forwarded to say Sanat?

LOve @Harmony

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