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Default Re: China accuses US of financial WMD

Originally Posted by Zarathustra View Post

I believe China is sending a message here that their support of the dollar is nearing the end. People have no idea how dire the consequences of that will be.

I don't know where to put this personal observation so will put it here. For years now I've been involved with and followed all types of financial info and to be perfectly frank, knowing what is really going on for years... the reality of how the dollar has been devalued and the amortization of money from almost every type of loan that exists to where 3 million is tanked up of 3 billion (a gross exaggeration however there is no real dollar value to back any of this, it's all just paper). Subsequently, this whole financial situation has seemed surreal to me for years.

It was inevitable that it would eventually all come crashing down because none of this financial speculation is based on sound financial practices. In fact, given what is going on now with the financial WMD, I’m relieved. The shoes (in a collective sense) are all tumbling to the ground. Irrespective of how awful this is for so many folks, in the end, one hopes this even is a good thing and that there will be a return to the monetary values that this nation was built upon.

However, there is the worry that the globalists will step in with a one-world currency and a one-world bank. After all, isn’t that their plan? Yet, with the ongoing earth changes perhaps even their grand plan of world domination will come crashing to the ground. One thing we see is how consumerism is also coming to a grinding halt as folks are beginning to realize the less is more. Having less makes it easier to be mobile, to relocate if necessary and sort out what is of value (family and friends at the top) and the basics with respect to food, shelter and transportation.

It is with great interest I watch this financial tumble.

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