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Default Re: 3D Airport Scanners - Just Say NO!

Reply re my Airport Authority query! Also, a point: if 'terrorists' attacked the USA, what does this have to do with Canada.


Thank you for your comments regarding the scanners. The *** Airport Authority shares your desire for a safe security screening process. While the *** Airport Authority provides the physical space for the passenger and baggage screening processes, it is the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA), that are responsible for purchasing the units and they are accountable directly to Transport Canada for compliance with its regulations.

Hello ***,

Re: The announcement of 3-D body scanners in Canadian airports - Have these things been tested for health effects? If so, on whom? If so, by whom? - I heard a professor at the University of Calgary (Centre for Military and Strategic Studies) mention that anyone intending to blow up a plane will just place explosives in their body cavities. - I need some paperwork to back up any claims that this is actually good for me. Where are the studies? What if I have to fly 3x/ week or more and I also get regular x-rays for a medical condition? What will happen to my elderly parents, if they fly? Doesn't the 'technology' violate child pornography laws, for children? - There is a report: 'Friday, October 30, 2009 - How Terahertz Waves Tear Apart DNA' in the Technology Review published by MIT - What if I don't want to be viewed naked? For religious reasons? - What's done with the images of naked bodies anyway? Are they stored? Compiled? Is the collective data analyzed? In any way? Is it viewed by any other government agencies? Is it sent through any massive computer crunching CSIS, NSA or other intelligence agency for civilian profiling or for any other reason? - Why should I consent to this standing in front of this scanner when other airports, with higher security risks, say Tel Aviv, don't have any scanners? - Are there any exclusions? Aren't strip searches illegal? These are the first of my inquires. When at the airport, I will say, 'No' to scanning. Will I get an airline ticket refund if I am not allowed to board? Thank you.

CBC News has confirmed that the machines, which can scan through clothing, be installed in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Halifax.

IATA codes
YVR- Vancouver
YYC - Calgary
YEG - Edmonton
WAA - Winnipeg
YYZ - Toronto
YOW - Ottawa
YUL - Montreal
YHZ - Halifax

Recent news -

Full-body airport scanners on trial
Last Updated: 7th January 2010, 8:10pm
A computer screen shows a scan of a security official in a RapiScan full-body scanner at Manchester Airport in Manchester, northern England on Jan 7, 2010. The radiation risk from full-body scanners used to improve airport security is low and unlikely (?!) to raise an individual’s risk of cancer, U.S. experts said yesterday. Airports in Britain, the Netherlands and Canada have said they plan to use full-body scanners to foil future terror attempts. (REUTERS)

Well...'unlikely' doesn't sound very ... scientific.
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