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Default Re: 3D Airport Scanners - Just Say NO!

The questions are relevant, and are being ignored e.g. the quote below:

MEPs raise questions on the use of body scanners
Fri, Feb 12 2010 10:51 CET

Raising health concerns and criticising the introduction of scanners in UK airports, British Conservative Charles Tannock warned: "This is the first time ionising radiation is being forced on is more dangerous to skin and soft tissue than radiation on planes".

However, Transport Commissioner Siim Kallas told MEPs, "there is no proposal to introduce compulsory machines in all airports, we will come to you after April following a study on all aspects of this technology".
Those thinking about flying should check out their country's stance on them i.e. in the UK 'you have no right to refuse', if asked to go through the scanner you either go through or you don't fly.
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