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Default Re: The White Wesir Project

you noticed he was convinced it was the Masons

I know that there is a group of Norwegian Institute of Technology and University-alumni within teknologifag that operates in secret. I was asked by a representative of a time about some things, blah. if not it should exist limits on how many people are on earth, but in the end I decided not to involve me. It felt not right. I do not know if this group is directly a part of something bigger, but everyone I know who have good careers has been a member, even the less good. Talented people who are not with ends up with less good jobs. Perhaps it is only networking that happens, or so the driver with something more, but it is definitely a group of Masons who have managed to remain outside the public eye. Not so surprising perhaps, since all employers in the engineering profession is either a member or work for someone who is ...
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