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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Im going to say several things that may or may not be appropriate, however here goes.
The Buddha said " Put no head above your own"
What follows is my opinion and therefore not necessarily so.

At this time there is a great opportunity for the human race to evolve rapidly in to a spiritual state called enlightenment, in order for this to happen we must alighn to God's will.
We have freedom of choice and we are being present with a marvelous opportunity.

In my opinion the ego has to be transcended in order to move into a state of non-duality for this to come about, We can only do this individually--though group meditation helps.

there are tried and trusted ways given by the Avatars and enlightened Sages for thousnds of years. They are uniform in their experience and advice. Meditate, pray, surrender, forgive and love.

The ego's last stronghold is specialness, every spiritual group even with the best intention carries an air of specialness, ie we are the ones to save the world, we have knowledge that others don't possess,, I am talking generally.

An altered state brought about by outside means does not last and therefore is not it, Enlightenment is an ego-less non-dualistic state, a way of being, it lasts.

As a qualified Hypnotherapist I very aware of the possability of use of music with subliminal sugestion also any image that is spun can induce a hypnotic trance.

I am not doubting the integrity of anyone on this thread, im just wary of anything out with
self that has the possibility of retarding spiritual progress.
Spiritual seekers can be very loving trusting and naive. Im there at times in my gullibility.

Beware of wolves in sheeps clothing, problem is how do you tell which are wolves.
I dont know.
But I do trust the teachings of Christ, the Buddha, Krishna, modern teachers Eckhart Tolle, Dr David Hawkins.

For me and I only can speak of me, There are many interesting distractions, UFO,s Aliens, Crop Circles, Info/disinfo. Which I look at too but briefly.

Time is short the path is straight and narrow, according to Hawkins.

My suggestion is don't be side tracked by personalities

If the goal is raising consciousness then yes the mediation of this group is invaluable as is countless other groups through out the world that have been meditating and praying for peace since time began.

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