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Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron View Post
Human/Draconian vs Human/Anunnaki? Ra vs Hathor? God vs Lucifer? Humans perfectly possessed by the Goa'uld? Goa'uld = Interdimensional Reptilians? I'm just looking for clues in the ancient mythologies which might reflect reality. Pro-Ra = Zionist? Anti-Ra = Teutonic Zionist? Horus/Jesus opposed (and connected) to all of the above...but decidedly pacifist? Kabbalists vs Nazis vs Andromedans/True Followers of Jesus? Ra/God killed during War in Heaven? Think various factions of Reptilians and various factions of Humans...and how they are connected. Think religious and political cross-pollination by the major Human and Reptilian factions. The major factions may be Human/Reptilian vs Human/Reptilian. Humanity may be a Frankenstein's Monster Genetics Experiment by the Reptilians Gone Bad!! "Let US make Man in Our image." In Genesis...God was sorry mythologies)...who sort of owns and controls Humanity (knows all of the genetic secrets and intricacies of Humanity)...who created Humanity...and may be on the verge of destroying Humanity...because the Dracs are getting toughcan't have them...nobody can!' I'm seeing an orgy of good, evil, sanitypower struggles, atrocities, etc. physics. Unfortunately...the lies are different at every level...and who knows how many levels there are???of the Universe...and it's the Collateral Damage which I really worry about. WWI and ancient technology (in the Vatican Library?) which was NOT supposed to be out in the open!sickening. I really want all of this cr@p to stop...and back in the bottle...and have a tiger by the tail...needs to be defused. I'm sort of a clueless Kum Bayah Singing Goodie Goodie! Help me figure this out...and how madness! Instead of us being saved by the Gods..
had to shorten the quote so I can see what I'm typing. Phone typing again!

Why do you think Ra is dead? Men tell lies and even the Divine can bend the truth.

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