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Default Re: A musical interlude

I put music on both threads so I can pick up music for whichever area I'm at
in the Forum and I want to change songs... I always have music playing in the
background... Usually the Sub, is kickin' P r e t t y Hard when I'm reading or
posting on the Forum. If your thread is slow we can change that !

And the Lounge is a wonderful place to Visit... I normally just go in to grab
music, I don't stick around... AND, sometime you even have people under the
tables. hi... hi... Thank you, for the reminder... And, FYI... I like the Location
of your Place right in the middle of the Block... Ideal, just jumpin' in to to grab
a quick ' Piece ' before headin' out to read Don't cha know...

When I git ta postin' I got to post stuff that has some K I C K to it....

Did You ever sit on a " Sub Wolfer ".... Your A S S feels like your sitting on
a " Harley "... When it REALLY ' Thumps.' Sorry... I'll make a point of stopping



Right, I see... this is where everyone went, Lounge not good enough for you.

Thanks alot guys.
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