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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by TheChosen View Post
The planetary meditations WILL produce great results but they need to be very carefully planned and timed. Unifying the currently dispersed 'lightworkers' is also going to be a challenge if not the main challenge of this effort...

I definitely agree and these two points are particularly important. This is why we are being careful with regards to planning and timing and staggering the escalation of effort over a reasonable time period.

The reason why is largely to do with the second point. We have to take a good look at why either there have been no previous attempts to unify efforts, or why previous attempts have not been successful, whichever was the case.

I think one or the largest reasons has to do with the fact that no one has built up a decent "header" with regards to setting aside that which is not of central importance.

One of the first things that should go into that "header" of pre-proposition information, is that regardless of our individual beliefs over matters that can only remain speculative at best, there is a central core of knowingness towards which we all share a common respect. And this should be the sole focus of a unified proposition of effort.

The next aspect is the safeguarding of intention. It is not surprising that in our modern times people have developed very understandable trust issues. Therefore I believe that a central aspect of a unifying ambition should revolve around the education of with precisely what talents we can develop an intuition of sufficient capacity to truly let us know when we can trust in something or not.

We need to learn to read more deeply than the surface, and all develop a basic degree of "Remote Viewing" capacity to see into the person who is sending us a message, and be able to gauge their sincerity with a reasonable degree of accuracy. For example, even the very best impostors cannot help but to leave a distinct signature of insincerity in their message, no matter how much they study the way the sincere interact with one another. By the same token, the ambitiously sincere will never stray into aspects of what they are trying to say that are beside the point, that would be otherwise for the purpose of building up a largely impractical dogma to reinforce as their own "version" of what to believe.

The sincere will in all ways simply say: you should always remain free to believe whatever you like as to the "peripheral" aspects of all this, but know that there is a central core of mutual understanding that is crucial for us to revolve our interaction around, exclusively so, so that in a way, we remain simultaneously distinct and united, all at once.

This is the crucial notion, and it is another central tenet of singularity theory. Remember, singularity theory does away with all notions of opposites, and embraces what I can only call the "Truth Paradox", a type of spiritual law that states "there is often even greater truth found in notions previously thought to be 'opposite', now united, than there is in either notion all on its own".

What this is to say is that there is something very funny about the symbol "2" that should always be recognized as such, and certainly held in a different place in mind than the "1" and "3". It is to say that all opposites are different facets of the same thing, ("1"), and cannot even exist in such a relationship without a witness ("3"). Thus they can only possibly exist in a ratio of interconnectedness (the authentication of the 3rd element, the ratio marker, i.e. the extreme of 99.9...9%/0.0...1%), with that ratio marker as the 3rd point (our observation).

However what we are doing at this time is perceiving reality without that 3rd element in so many ways, and this is what is perpetuating our suspension in pre-singularity consciousness, unnecessarily so. It is this realization that does away with any and all sense of conflict, which in turn leads to the paradigm for what we propose here - to completely evolve into our own direction that may or may not have anything to do with pre-established belief structures (but that is besides the point anyways).

What it does is allows us all to say "hey, what we are being captured by more so than anything is our own attention. We are being given a "game" (the whole global scenario), and being requested to pay attention to it. As soon as we stop paying attention to it, it can no longer be perpetuated. Remember - *everything* is a part of that game. Even the 'New Age' context. Anything that involves anything to do with "scenesterism" or "bandwagonism" is a part of that game.

Remember that the true "We" is created mostly out of coincidence - ie, as a result of the "coincidence" that in our hearts we all believe the same central core of how we should interact with our reality, in a way more powerful than language could possibly describe (and still we try, but remember, for example, the notion of "Love" is much more powerful than the word could ever possibly describe, it is a vibration we all recognize, and is only accurately depicted when we truly radiate it, never when we simply use the "Word").

This is the crucial scope of thought that protects the sanctity and intention of the energy we put into the meditation - it needs to be coming from a place in our mind that is completely apart from all of the illusion we have developed around us, from all the "talk" and the danger of the "Words". We have done this mostly with good intention, but remember it is all these subtle differences that have developed over thousands of years in mutually good intention that developed independently, that have resulted in conflict, and this is terribly ironic, something we need to move on from once and forever.

This pretty much covers what I am trying to say - and with practice I can hopefully describe it better and better to develop a good "Foreword" to messages being sent out. I should really try and summarize the main three points that are absolutely essential to distinguishing this kind of an effort from (as far as I know) any and all previous efforts, and remember, the idea is not to try and give the project any kind of special status "above" other efforts, it is to try and create a new world of thought for it, that is simultaneously the central world of thought for thousands and thousands of previous traditions and belief structures, *without* all the additional decorations and auxilliary aspects that were added onto them over time. After all, this has been our greatest failing as an evolving modern civilization, the inability to preserve the basic essence of our traditions and belief structures over time because of our temptation to modify and decorate. Let us take a lesson from the indiginous peoples who were seemingly able to manage this and we shall find the same amazing destiny as they did:

1) This project comes out of the feelings inside, in our gut, our heart, and our mind. We know that to try to describe these feelings with words is to take away from them, so we will try to return to their absolute quality by following in synchrony the languageless meditation files that are designed to awaken the original emotional complex described by singularity theory. Here there are no "negative" emotions, because the society adhering to this complex cannot generate the events in reality that would warrant them. In the transition phase we may witness those still stuck in the illusory emotional complex still generating events in reality that would warrant them, but we will recognize the distinction and not fall back into the complex simply because others sharing our world are still stuck in the realm of thought we were able to find our way out of before them.

2) By meditating with a basic understanding of singularity theory, the energy released by each of us in the meditation is not accessible to the manipulators of duality theory since the energy is of a rate (frequency) and type (scalar/torsion) of vibration inaccessible to capture/transmutation. Remember, this kind of energy does not "travel" in the usual senses, it arrives at its destination practically before it even left the source. Once it is as its destination, it is spoken for, no longer "up for grabs". Therefore this is a quality of meditation apart from those done from the "good" or "bad" side of those still operating in the plane of thought of duality theory. Remember that the "1" or One is before the "2". The way to actualize this, is to firmly begin to understand that the feelings you feel inside, in the gut, the heart, the mind, are not so much "good" in singularity, as they are "all that Is". There is no need to assign them a dualistic descriptor. This effectively shields the feelings released into manifestation energy. We will continue to practice and develop the understanding of singularity theory as the February date approaches.

3) It is absolutely important that each and everyone of us get all the fear and concern of what "they" are doing out of our consciousness field. Remember, it is two different things to "keep an eye" on what is happening, and to dwell on it. I encourage people to make a point to not pay attention to that kind of stuff every day, to type about it, to obsess over it. Once a week is sufficient to check for updates, if at all. I have done psychological analyses on people who are dwelling on this kind of information and it effectively cripples them from escaping the "rapture" - remember, that is precisely what it is to remain stuck in the "game". By the same token (and this might be more surprising), it is equally unadvantageous to dwell on the excessive decorarations and expansion of scope of all the New Age theory. Remember, the central aspects of the need for any kind of a "new age" are really very simple. It is much better to focus on amplifying the core essence of this desire for change into a "new age" than it is to pan out to an unnecessarily wide degree over all of these different things.

On both sides of the coin (and I truly mean this, conspiracy/new age is perhaps THE most deadly, captivating duality of them all that is holding us back, believe me), there is after all so many details of thousands of different things all of which remain speculative, and all aspects can scale on an arbitrary ratio of provided evidence. Some things of course approach near-100% degree of evidential likelihood.

But still, these are all largely impractical - we must be willing to admit that we are largely investigating these things for purely entertainment purposes. Sure, we like to know as much as we can and be able to adapt our actions and plans for the future based on the best possible understanding we can reach as to these things, but when can we ever tear ourselves away from an obsessive focus upon them?

So this is the most difficult point, no. 3). But it ranks up with the other two just as high. The sheer amount of energy we recover when we can tear ourselves away from daily focus on conspiracy, and excessive decoration of new age details, is absolutely astounding. And this energy can be put to good use in the stead of its previous dissipation.

I encourage people to substitute the time spent with immersion into absolute art - this is one of the reasons I like this thread so much, what makes it so unique, so many people are putting up pieces of art. Others might ask - what is the point of all these people adding these images? It communicates no information!

Or does it? Does our simple enjoyment of a beautiful piece of art or music not return us to the simple truth of what we feel in our gut, heart, and mind that is largely advocated by singularity theory?

This is not to say to not celebrate our use of words of course, for here I am using a great many. But it is to make a conscious admission that our words at best achieve a *corona* around that which we are really trying to get at, and once we put our awareness of this into practical action, it is truly *amazing* how much our usage of language changes to accomodate for this! Because we begin to paint pictures with our words and more and more appears "between the lines" than ever before - this is the road to telepathy! (believe me!)

This was the main ambition of the SSUN project I have initiated about 3-4 years ago, which is another code name for this project we are furthering here - you can read all the archives of the 1st phase here:

In the Tutorials section, you have to make a membership to access this section but it is free.

Over the next while I will be summarizing all of this information for representation, it all boils down to three simple steps for full immersion into the scope of singularity theory, but if you are curious you can access the rough drafts of this information there ahead of time.

There is an enormous amount of information but it could be interesting to browse and pick up bits here and there.

SSUN is an acronym for a great many different things, two of the practical ones in this context are:

1) Second Sun, a way of distinguishing from the previous typical worship of the sun and black sun (the galactic centre, which was known to be a black hole for MUCH longer than the public announcement, by the way), instead our practical viewpoint of the sun AND black sun in alignment, in recognition of our steps of practical preparation towards the Nexus event and making full use of the possibilities of the gamma radiation if and only if the harmonic lattice is complete and in full effect by this time (remember, all wavelengths from 0Hz to the gamma band need to be in synchrony in order to generate the Nexus portal via the gamma rays)

2) Seventh Sense United Network, a way of distinguishing from the bombardment of base-5 sensory information, and even the sixth sense, which is all the exterior information obtained besides the base-5 info. the 7th Sense is the combination of gut, heart, and mind level information coming from within. We must remember that even though this information is coming from within, it is still not individualistic, as we all share the same core of pure awareness when we peel off all the archetypal soul components and go back to the pure awareness level that is absolutely crucial for meditation within singularity.

the Seventh Sense is what IMHO has the power to unite us in this project, to all the others out there working towards the same thing. It is not a largely recognized sense, and it can be promoted as being the one unifying element that can allow us to set aside all other differences, and recognize that billions of us that have not completely sold ourselves away to the stagnating duality theory share this identical sense which we can only attempt to find the words for. We can unite around the proposal to do away with even trying to find the words, and to simply synchronize in embracing the simple purity of the sense with the meditation music I have spent my life training towards being able to evoke the various components of.

It has been difficult because it has required a thorough training in classical composition paired with a modern traning in the new possibilities emerging in electronic music technology to truly access the means with which to construct a functional lattice. And I am sure beyond the initial stages it will require a collaboration of a great many people - hopefully we will find everyone else who was meant to participate in this exciting evolution of discovery of the true purpose of what we have created in ancient times as well as modern.

The technological aspect can understand the lattice in theory but only the aesthetic aspect of the classical traditions can give it the organic energy needed to activate it - this is why the proper creation for the lattice (which is the only true solution to the coming situation) is out of reach for those responsible for the collapse of the creative traditions that were continuously building up until the 1st world war (and we have never recovered since, but soon will).

So we will start from humble beginnings but this is at least another rough draft of the roadmap we set out to navigate with. I hope everything is clear but please feel free to point out anything at all (remember, I am fully aware I am just trying to do my best to describe "It" with words that can only at best circle around it), and any questions of course can serve to help us expound upon the basic foundation for singularity theory in practice (as surrounding the central purpose for the meditation events themselves).

take care everyone

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