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Talking Re: Today, the problem isnít over-population, itís over-consumption

Hi Steven while I do agree that Humans tend to over consume. We do have the resources to feed twice the amount of people of this Earth. Learning to create nutritionist foods they do not have to be completely natural as long as they are nutritionist. For example my two youngest children drink powder milk, a lot cheaper than Cow milk . They are very healthy. Our concepts about nutrition, energy and the use of living spaces needs to change. Recently in India a new car came into the market that runs on compressed air call the Nano car. This car is 4x cheaper than the average car in the markets today and it runs on compressed air. Learning to create cheaper more effective technologies, food sources, living spaces you name it is all in the way we approach a problem. Is too convenient for the ptw to try and justify population and resources control to lower the population rate by any means necessary . They are quickly loosing control of the general populace as many people are learning to use their resources, shopping smarter , in general relearning how to live a simpler healthier life and in the process trying to help our neighboring countries to do the same. We can learn from many poor countries about how to use everything in nature as sustenance, and how to live in Harmony with our surroundings. Do we really need the fast cars the large houses and all of the toys and expensive foods that we enjoy or could we do with less. So while I agree with you it is our misconceptions about what our lives on this planet should be in terms of how we coexist with one another and how we learn to share our lives and resources with one another, there's a lot of room for improvement in this area and a lot of innovative solutions to resolve our problems from every corner of the globe there are futurist inventors who already have incredible solutions to the problems we are facing today, like I said while we let these dummies in the political arena run our lives the solutions are found elsewhere with the common folks who are implementing these solutions already.. I am looking forward to our future and being a part of the innovative solutions to create a world that could coexist in Harmony and Balance with one another.
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