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Default Re: Today, the problem isnít over-population, itís over-consumption

Originally Posted by Frank Samuel View Post
...We can learn from many poor countries about how to use everything in nature as sustenance, and how to live in Harmony with our surroundings. Do we really need the fast cars the large houses and all of the toys and expensive foods that we enjoy or could we do with less. So while I agree with you it is our misconceptions about what our lives on this planet should be in terms of how we coexist with one another and how we learn to share our lives and resources with one another, there's a lot of room for improvement in this area and a lot of innovative solutions to resolve our problems from every corner of the globe there are futurist inventors who already have incredible solutions to the problems we are facing today...
Hello Frank. I totally agree with your whole post. I agree that the post have not concentrate its focus on alternate means to use Earth's resources, it was more a response versus the overpopulation idea. There is indeed many awesome alternative to improve the way we produce and consume. In Canada, we are lucky to count on David Suzuki. This guy proposed about 20 years ago, to use all the space available on the top of city's buildings to transform them into garden. From a plane view, a city would look like a green garden.

The solutions are all there already, it is our will (I'm talking globally) that is not there yet.

Originally Posted by tintagelcave View Post
...Hi there, here's a link to a video with the natural history and indiginous folk of Manhattan, by Fritz Haeg, an artist and designer, who initiated the edible landscape concept. There's lots of inspirational ideas on his website and he just started, since childhood, from working on designing a world around him as he dreamed it should be. Isn't that great? I met Fritz in my 3-D garden in the park near my home, in a meeting on creating animal housing in there.
Thank you so much tintagelcave for your sharing. I agree 100%. The problem is not us, human, but our behavior. Like a child in a daycare, it can be improved to a better harmony...

Namaste, Steven
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