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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by Sanat View Post
Music is nice if you like that of course.
Hi Sanat,

This goes well beyond music, it goes into the science of sound. Many of the more left-brained thinkers (I try to be ambineurological, but must admit I swing a little to the left overall) can better see the purpose of such action when they see the proven neuroscience studies that verify these kinds of things have a huge impact when done properly (ie when the frequencies and intervals are understood and employed to the fullest capacity, which ironically just "happens" to sound like really profound, soothing music, hehe).

There were a few studies that prove the field consciousness effect, ie that the fact we are all meditating at the same time using the same entrainment material makes it easier for everyone to reach that level of entrainment (say 7.83Hz) than if we were doing it alone.

Other studies suggest that the amplitude (the degree of baseline-deviating coherence of entrainment) is as deep as the most experienced meditators in group efforts, meaning that again, the less experienced individuals can experience a much more profound effect than on their own.

The reasons for these effects go back to the basic principles of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics.

I would like to direct everyone to a great site that covers this topic:
and the forum

where I am also a member.

The idea here is that when each participant "locks" into the entrainment frequency, they are resonating with everyone else who has done so as well, and the resulting frequency discharge into the collective consciousness stream is much more than the sum of the parts (by the way, this really a great definition for what the collective consciousness stream actually is if you were ever wondering, the sea of all our brainwaves that is linked to our biofields and discharged into the higher density atmosphere, which would usually look like noise).

This is where the ability to affect degree of randomness in random number generators come from, the collective consciousness stream suddenly becomes all the more coherent, such as usually when there are major disasters. Conveniently, this might be also a way of scientifically proving the effects of our effort, if we can build up enough steam to affect the numbers:

I wouldn't expect to manage this in February, but perhaps down the road if we can get this as large scale as we are hoping for. The idea is that the collective consciousness stream develops a clear harmonic signal (the harmonic lattice) instead of the usual noise. What they normally measure at Princeton is disturbances in the noise pattern, so what we are going for should read entirely differently than when there are disasters.

The 7.83Hz meditation will not form the grid, it will form a field of connectivity potential for the grid, a spherical shell around the earth upon which we can build. It will not dissipate in the intervening times between sessions, it will get stronger each time until the time is right to switch to the regional meditation.

So you could say we have now developed two phases for the project, and it's impossible to say roughly when we are going to switch from the 1st phase to the 2nd.

So you can imagine that with relation to torsion field effects, all participating are being connected in one sense to the "grid". However, the practical grid to be formed in later efforts should correspond to the lattice around the earth, hence the name of the full manifestation of this effort, a "harmonic lattice".

In fact, it's quite practical we are beginning this way, because meditating the first few sessions to the Schumann resonance will set up the field necessary for the lattice to be possible within. The lattice itself will act as the catalyst for the creative energy tunnel.

Then we will be feeling less run-down for no reason all the time, back to levels of 100 years ago. It will hopefully undo all the oppression on life force that has been building up over the past 100 years or so. Remember to think about it in practical terms - we are not so much healing the earth directly, so much as we are healing ourselves to better heal the earth, by getting to the heart of the matter which is the raw creation of ideas.

I still have a lot of background info. to bring into the forum but I believe to keep the way clear for discussion, I will publish it externally and provide links for each topic. That way we will be able to begin to string all of this information together into something practically relevant to what we are doing.

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