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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by stiros View Post
Hello everybody,
This is very good, from different sources numbers like that.
5000 absolute minimum.
7000 safe.
But it is much better with 100.000, don't you agree?
blessings to all
Of course,

closing in on 100,000 views to this thread was a good start.

I hope newcomers can just feel the seriousness of the project, I can't remember ever coming across anything like it, though I hope I will in the future.

I hope more than anything that there will be others who can see this is the one case where we need to set aside the whole "my project-your project" thing and join everything together that is working towards the same purpose here, once and for all.

Because right now there are a million people with a million websites working on a million projects and each one has only a few followers because of all the separation.

If we can get a hundred thousand people doing this together even by the summer's end it will be an excellent accomplishment.

I write electronic music as well and will be trying to perform at events and festivals and give workshops/info. booths on the side in order to gather interest in this project. I have no doubt that if we can keep it building up in momentum steadily over the next years it could lead to something amazing.

take care

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