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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Such incredible information here, and all in one thread. Thank you, Astralwalker and everyone else who is contributing. And PhiedPiper, thank you for sharing wisdom on sound. You cannot begin to imagine how my heart sings reading and absorbing it. Music has been part of my life since I can remember. But to learn to grasp the communicated knowledge of sound frequencies is something I’ve only known intuitively. My eyes may turn square with the influx of new information to this regard alone, never mind all the other incredibly informative links posted so far.

I’ve been itching to participate, but alas, even after all those years of confrontation with currency, I’ve not learned much.

There are a couple of things I’d like to expand on, partly because they have, at some time or another, been matters close to my heart, and I feel fairly informed about them, and partly because there’s been no mention of details while it seems to bewilder some folks as to the why and/or why not. None of the following is meant negative in any way, rather I mean to communicate it in the sense of knowledge is power. The first subject is vaccination.

Astralwalker mentioned in one of his first posts to avoid vaccines at all costs (paraphrased). There are many reasons for this. If you are scientifically-minded, look for that gold-standard study that compares the unvaccinated with the vaccinated. It simply does not exist. Also look for the studies that are non-biased (ie. not financed by those who manufacture them). They are few and far between, and they never conclude that there are any benefits to vaccination.

If you take the common-sense route, look at the ingredients of vaccines and then wonder what they do to the body. Any vaccine can and does contain one or several of the following: metals, such as mercury (yes, they are still found in them contrary to what the all-knowing doctor will tell you), aluminum; formaldehyde; monosodium-glutamate; aborted fetal cell tissue; foreign DNA (chicken egg cells, monkey DNA, weakened viruses from who knows whom) to name just a few. These are ingredients in vaccines; they are either downright poisonous, or they are so ‘foreign’ to us that we cannot possibly have an idea what they are capable of once they enter our bloodstreams. Another point on the common-sense route: Find older (pre-1970s) family health books: They tell you how to treat a vast variety of the diseases that are now vaccinated against. Which means they are nowhere near as life-threatening as the media outlets make them sound. Furthermore, find old statistics: every single disease had either already greatly diminished in numbers or was never an issue before a vaccine came out. So, yeah, do wonder why vaccines are pushed like there is no tomorrow. It isn’t for your health benefit. Keep in mind that the wannabe-powerful cabal is going out of its way to fool us; they have no interest in a positive nexus.

The second subject that was mentioned as possibly being difficult to stay away from is flesh. Maybe it helps if you look at it from this perspective: There are beings in our reality who feed off fear; we all know that. One major contributor to providing this fear is the mass-keeping of animals for meat. Animals are born, often with artificial “help”, ripped away from the mother, instead fed with bottles until old enough to put on a diet of grain, in a space that is barely bigger than the grown animal itself. There is no interaction with other animals of the same breed, only the occasional contact with a miserable human who hates his/her job and often takes it out on the poor animal, generating further fear and misery. The entire process of slaughtering is set up in such a way that the animal will experience the highest amount of fear possible. Maybe the thought that you will feed the very forces you don’t want on this planet every time you eat meat will help you lose interest in eating it.

Once we are equipped with the knowledge, we can start looking into and working towards making it right. Just like this entire waking-up process. One year or two years or ten years ago, many of us had no idea about meditation, the hundredth monkey effect, or sacred sites. Now that we know better, we work together, towards becoming one with the Creator, with that infinitive intelligence, that intelligent infinity that we all crave to become one with. Every little step counts.

Much comes down to simplicity. So many here agree that the meditation should be kept as simple as possible so that as many people as possible can participate. The same is true for our health. In this reality, optimal health is easiest achieved by eating simply, by eating what grows locally, and by eating with intent, the intent to stay healthy and the intent to be thankful. If we do that, then the entire vaccination issue (which also is driven by fear; yet another reason to avoid it) becomes a moot point, for our bodies will easily fight off any “vaccine-preventable” diseases.

Last, but by no means least, the hollow earth theory. Here is a good website:
My conclusion is that yes, the earth is hollow and is inhabited by beings in a higher dimension. Don’t confuse this with the entities that live underground, though; they are entirely StS oriented and come to the surface to feed. Very different to the environment in the hollow of the earth. I dreamed/was shown their realm. It was a profound dream/experience, one I will never forget. Pure beauty is the only description I can think of, and that does not remotely describe it.
In love,

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