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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Hi everyone,

Here's a little more info. regarding the noosphere project and the nature of time, as it relates to our project:

If you watch the NBC video, you'll notice at the end that they mention that an effect is noticed hours before the event (in this case, 9/11).

Here's an article that explains a little bit more about how this answers questions as to the probability matrix of timelines in the future and the critical points of inevitabilities (remember, inevitabilities are all that are needed to trigger this "noosphere effect", not the actual occurence in linear time):

So what we are trying to do here differently from disasters is produce a real pattern in the output instead of just significant fluctuations. Especially as the design of the audio files improves and participation (hopefully) increases, there will be the attempt to predict (if we get the synchronization aspect working properly) ahead of time where these fluctuations will occur. If the predictions match up with the results within the hour of time then we will know we are on to something truly significant.

Again as with that study involving the 7000 affecting the Lebanon war, we are hoping to affect non-participants as well. This could help to break all the veils of the illusion for many people much in the same way as is most amusingly portrayed in the following, excellent film (remember, the film is just making a statement, it's not meant to be taken literally in most ways):

Literally, however, we are hoping that with enough commitment and participation around a single effort of this kind, we can affect things so that many people begin to somehow "come to their senses", just like the film portrays.

After all, it's not the intellectual, analytical part of the brain that would realize our decisions and actions in the next four years would largely determine the outcome we face, for better or worse...'s the intuitive, emotional/spiritual part that would feel this to be the case. And it's all about waking that part of the brain up for all those who have put it/had it put to sleep, and strengthening it even more so in those who have been trying to wake it up completely.

After all, this is the part of the mind that understands the abstract, connected aspect of all things. The other part of the mind works with separated elements, and IMHO humankind is more than good enough at that side of the picture as it is!

Once I finish the next research paper that lays the groundwork for the harmonic and geometric theories behind the underlying aspects of this work along with the applied examples, and had a chance to gather some peer review, I should have warrant to get in touch with Princeton (as luckily they provide their result logs online for anyone to access, so theoretically anyone can organize events and see if they affect the coherence of the EGG).

So the first file coming up will be a draft file for Astralwalker to work on the guidance track over top of. I'd like to share the file here as soon as its ready.

take care everyone!

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