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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

By "default" the river will reach the Ocean as it does all the time in eternity. The question is how many people will have the courage to let go, and flow with that river into the unknown, instead of clinging to the rocks(ego) out of fear. Become what the Buddha called a "streamwinner". Flowing with Existence in totalt acceptance of whatever is the case.

This does not mean that one should "do nothing" of course, but it means that the great scheme of things (i.e. the river) is never dependent on anything. It will flow its course no matter what. Those who wish to go with it to the next level will have to let go of fear for the unknown. We are not here to change the river the way I see it (that would be impossible). We are here to learn to accept life as a flowing process instead of clinging to things out of fear. We are here to accept each other and life as it is.

The river will be stronger and stronger as we move towards 2012. It will be harder and harder to cling. Many have learned to let go already. They are the star seeds/wayshowers. Their message to the clingers is simple: Don't resist life out of fear, take my hand and let go and you will feel great relief. The increasing strenght of the river will also scare many people, and they will cling even harder than before. This is the polarization that is happening right now. Far from everyone will be ready to let go. This is only natural. We are here for those that are ready. As the river gets stronger and stronger many many people will gather the courage to let go. Mass meditation is one way of increasing that courage and showing the way. It's perhaps like a lot of people coming together in the river, floating down the stream together in peace and serenity, showing clingers that there is nothing to be afraid of.

That is an analogy of how I see this thing. Thanks!
Here is MagentaPixie again (her lovely and peaceful voice is worth the watch alone):

I just got an idea! Why don't we ask her if she would be willing to make the video for this event? I am sure she would be perfect and she already reaches a lot of people. What do you all think?

May everyone find the courage to let go!



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