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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!


This is a great site that has sites listed country by country. It is NOT complete, BUT it is a great start!! Just look up where you would like to go. PLEASE check with Astralwalker as he knows which sights are positive or negative spin. Certain sites are famous(Stonehedge,etc.) but many are not.

Astralwalker will have to choose the main points that HE and others are working on Harmonic frequencies.He knows where he needs to be.

I will be posting a pdf by the end of this month of points and putting down how many have "signed on" for those spots.

Here is a site that was brought up to Astralwalker before:

This too is not complete,but a great start!

Blessings in Love & Unity & Focus!!

For any wishing to join me for the Meditation, my plan is to organize a group at Coral Castle in Homestead,Florida which is just south of Miami. There is easily room for 300 people.

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