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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by Samarkis View Post
Blessings all!!

I hope that all are doing meditations/intentions regularly!!

I am very happy to see many want to help!! I am not affronted that others want to help- I am very happy to see this. My only issue is to stay focussed!!
I have spent at least 20 hours without pay and without encouragement since the first of the year.(1-1-09) sending hundreds of e-mails out to many people-so far we have about 60 people that have responded,mostly from USA,UK,Ireland,Netherlands,Canada,austarlia,Poland ,Saudi Arabia. I will continue in my momentum. I have recieved a list of 8000 lightworkers to continue sending this info. I would appreciate keeping me in the loop to co-ordinate with other groups that are possessive of their membership groups or those that are already reaching out.

I also want to state that it is my family legacy for natural healing. I am Dr. Joel Wallach's daughter and all my life my father has sacrificed good paying jobs and "honor" in order to be true to the ideals of teaching people medical truths. He is a champion of millions and is my personal hero to never give up in one's ideals even if one walks "alone".

I am sorry for people that feel it is better to go around me than with me in organizing this. To me it is a test to my controling my own ego, as I do this project out of love. Thank you Mudra and thank you Astralwalker! Thank you Czymra!

May all fractals become one!!

You are doing amaizing work and I don't see anybody working round you Samarkis.... I am forwarding your Call message to as manny people as possible.... You need to be commended for all your hard work... This is just a thank you note to you..... Blessings to you... Antonia
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