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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

You know, you're absolutely right.

There's something about what he's suggesting in that video that suggests the key is a particular structure of composite vibration that matches in every way the patterns of energy these strings can vibrate according to.

Cern is in every way an aggresive approach to such a thing, whereas the non-aggresive alternative is to coax the dimensional barrier by sympathetically vibrating to it.

Intuitively this suggests that the best bet might be to find an extended system of harmony not yet discovered that matches this fundamental pattern.

One question I would raise regarding the theory, is whether these strings are really self-contained "circular" strings as suggested by the video, or instead, all the more likely IMHO due to much evidence, spirals whereby the centres of the string spirals take source from outside the dimensional barrier.

This could be compatible with something somewhat similar to big bang theory in that the initial impetus for expansion of the universe came from outside the usual dimensional boundaries we perceive, meaning that the truth really is after all a sort of mixture between creationism (albeit much differently than usually described) and big bang theory.

This would in turn reinforce the possibility that if the universe was created on the terms of the vibrational patterns of these strings (including the very first one at the big bang), then other dimensions would only be accessible by tuning to them. It would further suggest that all of our basic building blocks were created in sequence by an unfolding law of increasingly complex harmony.
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