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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

We have to keep in mind that there is in all likelihood many undeveloped sites for various reasons, it's really a matter of where cultures had access, and if they were in the habit of developing the sites (some of course weren't).

We can think of sites (as suggested by mudra's link) as amplifiers of the energy vortices already located there. As per the suggestion evoked by Czymra's question, networks of laterallly oriented sites can serve as series of amplifiers set in both serial and parallel.

It is also possible for humans themselves to act as amplification mechanisms, ideally located in close proximity to a vortex, but remotely as well.

In all likelihood, the tuning maps will have only minimal offsets for geographically close sites, and another possibility is that there are also phase variations to take into account.

Right now I'm working with a model whereby longitude accounts for phase and latitude accounts for frequency within the octave. Furthermore, the fundamental frequency is not at either of the poles, it's at Giza and all the sites along the sine wave shown in the second picture here (kindly linked earlier in the thread):

Similar patterns are likely to emerge on other bands of sites, right now I'm checking the northern sites for wavelengths that would match another frequency. If two more bands of sites (ideally one to the north and one to the south) can be found, the entire system might emerge.

If so, this will satisfy the thing that was nagging me the most: the concentration of participating individuals to particular areas on earth. This will mean that regardless of longitude, a band all the way across the earth can reinforce a single node of the harmonic lattice together.

This will make it infinitely easier to activate the lattice, if the model is correct. We can try this model in May and if everything looks good, all through the summer events.

So things are moving forward!

One thing we can try to do, if anyone would like to help, is to filter the sites above from the sites in the northern areas, so I can take the northern area list and try to plot the sites and see if anything comes up. Any help would be much appreciated!

take care everyone, back with more updates soon

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