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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by dayzero View Post
Hi all....

I've started a new thread called the Energetic Heart, and I reckon it has some relevance to this thread also......

Live in Love.

That's a great thread you opened.
I recommend to everyone to go and read it before our saturday's meditation.

Here are some excerpts that I specially liked:

" You must find and then choose your direction into your heart’s intelligence. It cannot be forced upon you, yet too few understand how to reach inside their energetic heart and activate its transmissions so it can be broadcast via the human instrument’s innate capabilities.

In truth, there does not exist a more stable force within the human instrument than the heart, nor a more intelligent source of perception.

In ancient times the heart was regarded as the seat of soul. It was the
gateway between the world of soul and the world of the body-mind.

Your thirst for knowledge is admirable.There is nothing wrong or misguided about this. It is natural and is part of the encoding of those present in this time. I am only explaining that it is time to shift to the heart.

Human destiny is focused on establishing a new, higher dimensional consciousness on earth, and in so doing, creating conscious, two-way linkages to the multiverse and the entities and beings therein. As we ramp- up to this shift in consciousness, each of us will require an enhanced creativity and intuition, which is the very fiber of our energetic heart.

When I speak of creativity, I’m not speaking to the activities of art, music, or writing. I am talking about the ultimate creativity—creating new perceptions of your reality. When you view your reality through the prism of your energetic heart, your reality will shift in the direction that humanity
itself is shifting. In other words, there is an alignment between your view of reality and the future reality of humanity.

You can activate your heart intelligence and apply it in your everyday life, and over a period of a minute, you can touch the entire grid of humanity.

each of us carries the possibility to transmit into this universal grid of humanity and contribute to it—not because it requires something of us, but because we require something of it. The gesture of placing your heart of hearts on the palm of your hand and offering it to your brothers and
sisters in selfless contribution is the ultimate sign to First Source that you are prepared for the dimensional shift.

James from the WingMakers

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