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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

You remember 'HAIR' and the song 'This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius' (see Czymra's post below. Well in this coming alignment (14 to 16 February) Jupiter and Mars WILL be in exact conjunction alignment in Aquarius (and the North Soul Node will also be there with them. This so-called Soul Moon Node is the focussed indicator of where one should put extra energy, time and dedication as it is directly connected to the fulfilment of ones higher Soul Purpose and Path). Mars is connected to dynamic pioneering courageous warrior-like action and Jupiter to the expansive present-future based vision, ideas and understanding that underlies this outer action, so the alignment links these two internal-external planetary energies, and says, via the North Node, 'focus' upon this for the good of the planet, humanity and all concerned, including of course oneself (and ones partnership, group, etc).

The planet of Love and Peace (literally) is Neptune and Neptune is in very close conjunction (= same degree) to the Sun in Aquarius (25 degrees). In esoteric astrology Neptune is associated with the Christ (The Christ Maitreya, the head of the spiritual kingdom of the Earth), so this would indicate that the Christ might well be over-lighting this alignment in Aquarius. 25-degrees Aquarius brings in the sub-ruling planet Venus (governing Libra, the 3rd 'air' sign after Aquarius), and Venus is of course the planet of love too (Venus is connected to the Soul of Humanity, and Jupiter and Neptune to the Superhuman Kingdom as a whole. All three planets are the three 'benefients' because they are all connected to spiritual-based Love and Wisdom, so we can see why the keynotes of Love and, as a result Peace, are the themes of this alignment and the song).

So it seems that there will be a very powerful downpouring of these 'qualities' over the time of the Alignment in the sign that governs the New Age and thus the present-future of human evolution. 'How' this will manifest is not really known - we will have to see what unfolds, and simply be open and ready to receive this expanded dimension of [literal] Christ Consciousness.

Thus it is a very good and necessary time to meditate (Try and call together a group of friends to do so on the evening of February 14).
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