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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Hello Astralwalker . . . so happy to see you here again.

You may already know about former Majestic members, Dr. Dan Burisch and Dr. Marcia McDowell, and their whistleblower website,
Eagles Disobey .

Burisch talks very openly both on the website and in his DVDs and Google videos about his experience in conducting scientific experiments involving a being from Zeta Reticulum. JRod, as he is known, was a time traveler from 52,000 years in our future. Burisch also talks about the US having treaties with both Orion-based ETs and Zeta ETs.

Drs. Burisch and McDowell, both very spiritual people, are now involved in research they believe will help create a positive future for humanity .

I am very curious to know if President Obama has been briefed about these treaties.

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