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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Namaste Samarkis

Quote[I just wanted to comment that I was the one that mentioned for children to be out of earshot of meditation...I am a mother of three and know even if you have a quiet child ,when adults are busy doing something(and many are beginners at focused meditation...) it will be easy to distract others...I do feel that it is an awesome chance to make a profound affect on the children that do come & to give them a moment in time that will be an experience not to forget!!

I personally will be leading a group in organizing and promoting,I also am going to be watching my children and have one to two teens help me that day with coloring,a song and clap to teach,if there are about 10 kids or more I would love to do a belly laughing circle(they lay down on the ground,each with their head on their neighbor's belly until there is a complete circle-then they all laugh and feel the vibration from each other!!)That they learn and feel how to interact with each other!! Then at the end of the
meditation of adults-go to a vantage point to observe the whole group in
meditation... I will let the children sound the end of the meditation with tibetan bowls and hand held bells.... My personal contribution to the meditation on May 9th will be to do a personal meditation early and forward the energy to the group...My heart is with all Humanity!! I personally have such a symbiotic (mutually beneficial)relationship with my children & their development -I can not imagine them not there,yet totally understand they would distract others...

We are multi-faceted and have limitless choices in how we experience and improve on our Human development!!! We all have our strengths & weaknesses,troubles and distractions....But WE WILL GET THERE!!!]Samarkis

My Heart sang as i read this maybee you could post further info so others can implement or start sepeate thread.

is there anyway in which we can channel this energy to the grid??

Love @ Light

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