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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Namaste Truthseeker,

There is a site that those on this thread dedicated to the Global Meditation:

You may post or PM to me where you will be at for May 9th or you are encouraged to meditate from home-that is your choice.... All one has to do is intend for your energies to be sent to the group...Thought is that POWERFUL!!! Thought precedes EVERY action,EVERY idea!!!! Thoughts are endless and that is why creativity & imagination is VITAL!!! It is the force that causes REALITY!!!!! Especially now that the magnetic forces from the poles are dissapating....and cosmic particles are flowing into our atmosphere-
this is why thoughts lead to intentions which lead to manifestation!!!(it always has but now the manifestation is quicker!!)

Now, it is important to remember that the more in alignment the intention is with divine creators plan of Human development-it will be that much more helped along or put into "priority manifestation"...The more it has to do with ultimate good of many and the higher good...the more that manifestation gets pushed into reality!!! It will get easier and easier,but that is why it is SOO important to control one's thoughts!!!

I highly reccomend the free e-books from !!!
They are so well written on understanding one's personal power I cannot over
compliment this!!!!!!!!!! Pls download the pdf's!!!!!

Now, how does one control one's thoughts???
( I would like to add the source of my knowing this part,from a very wise and humble man : Zelig Pliskin, whom wrote a book called "Gateway to Happiness"-I was fortunate to meet with him after reading his
over 300 page book with a myriad of examples and instances & discussed with him that 'logically' all his examples made sense, but I had found they didn't help after I had finished reading the book- my mind went back to my worries!! He then gave me the 'key' that I posted here how to use and control one's mind and therefore control the thoughts!!! Needless to say- it opened a whole new literal gateway of thought processes!! Enjoy!!!)

Well- it is very interesting that the mind can only focus on ONE subject at a time!!! Example:

Think of an elephant with it's grey skin and long wriggly trunk....


Think of a beautiful flower that has delicate petals that are almost translucent
in the sun light...swaying in the wind....


Think of a bright ,juicy orange and it's citrus scent as you open the skin...


When we talked about the orange.....were you thinking of the elephant??
or flower???

The mind grasps the thoughts and doesn't think of the other... This is crucial to controling one's mind in positive thoughts!!!

One must ON PURPOSE change your minds channel(or thoughts) if they do not help you...fear does not help!!! Change your thoughts and the reality will follow!!! But be sure it is for Highest Good as there are the laws of the Universe that applies!!!

I hope that helps!!! If there is something more specific... pls ask!!
Much Light!!!

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