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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by Perseide View Post

There is another thing we can do... I can pull out the audio file of each video already streamed in the youtube files and make a descent audio file so that people with low bandwidth could only download the audio file on your site... it would be the exact same length as the video file everybody else is listening and would give a good tool for those who prefere to listen instead of watching while they meditate...

So the question is up and running...

Yes the video is also important. It will lift the meditative connection closer to the telepathic level of union.

In any case, if better quality from the one already made by respected Mikey, it would be useful that we see the animations that you had implement with the original Solfeggio Harmonics.

Re: But if I chose to help, I must act like a grown up and DO THE THINGS I AM ABLE TO and NOT DO THE THINGS I CAN'T.

You are totally aware that my response was only the mirror of little arrogant and personal approach of the poster. It only lowered the vibration and had served a little purpose, but we are living in a complicate Matrix and sometimes this happens. It happens to everyone. I see the path and the ending point of all this in the distance and when I recognize the frequency that will lead to offcourse in the future I just react. But what is done is done, I move on.

Personally I like the Flyer very much, but the approach of the poster ...

In any case, what is done is done, l move on. I do not do this for money or for publicity...I do this because I believe in this with all my heart and soul. Dont get me wrong, I can leave all this anytime and from one point of view I have done my job. But as you can see I stay and intend to finish this right, till it is accomplished.

So I can not deal 24 hours per day with so many people clamming that are gurus, enlightenment ones, smart guys, that have all the answers of the Universe and I even have not time to hear ones that are totally on the right track and have extremely genius ideas as result of that. So if I do something, I really cannot go back to basics and start explaining things how this is like this or like that. In fact everything is already posted that has to be done to this point - between the lines, and with just a little further research on the net.

So I deliver as much as I can and as much I consider is sufficient for now. There are many others out there who are watching closely and waiting to get and understand this dynamics that Im speaking for their personal agendas and intentions. So I deliver when we are ready as large meditative group and once we are ready and we are doing it, it is not important anymore - because it was accomplished.

Please accept this only as friendly thoughts and nothing more. So many was explained so far, and how we will go incomparable more will be explained in the future...
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