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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by lawlessline View Post

That was agreat crop circle. Remeber that well. I should point out though for anyone less familiar with crop circles. This was done over a 3 day period.

There was not an accumalative message surriounding it but simply it was so big the makers couldn't complete it over one Night. Many have realised that this was human made. Beautifully done and brings delight to the eye inside and out, but I think human done. I have inspected the majority of cropcircles over the past 8 years. In my humble opinion there is only a few, maybe 20% that has not been human made.

Just thought there should be some explaination to the images rather than just post fabulous things that can lead one astray.
The same design and then the update that appeared in the crop field, came to me over and over again around the day it physically appeared in the crops.
When you spin the design using software there is a signature on it, invisible otherwise?

I respect your opinion my friend, but my personal opinion - genuine one.

About the decoding...that will come also.

Respect to you,
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