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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Also posted on the meditation feedback thread.

With all the respect I owe to everybody who would not have the same idea on the subject.

Ok people, I am in the same process as you all are. Trying to follow Astralwalker to where he is trying to lead us. I am not following like a blind person but like a curious person eager to understand things that are there for me to grasp.

So in that intent, I made what I could with the material I had for that meditation. This include some excellent graphic video from Anodea Judith on the rising of the kundalini energy into the chakras. Add to that an excellent audio solfeggio file and we would suppose it could do a great job at uniting people. The fact of the matter is that it didn't really work in the way I hoped. People tend to be unfocussed by the video while trying to meditate.

In substance I cannot say I agree totally with Astralwalker on the importance of the video in a global meditation and I would say that I agree on many many people on the fact that Phied Piper's second file was the most effective meditation tool I had the chance to use. When we used it, I simply looped it so that it continues without interruption for 1 hour and had an incredible meditation. Since then I must say that I never attained the same level of awareness.

I think in a way I understand why Astralwalker wants tracks with emotions... because obviously, our emotions are the true energy that can make things happen, our emotions are the very force within us. But I think we don't need something exterior to us to bring those emotions up. I think that by trully feeling what kind of emotions could rise inside of us while knowing that peace on earth and true love is spreading around and inside each of the souls of this planet, that could do just well! That is our true power, the fact that we can really FEEL the emotions rising while visualising what we want in our life, blessing the fact that we have the possibility to chose between all the realities in this universe. We have to KNOW, to acknowledge that all the realities already exist, all we have to do is focus on the right one or to be more precise... on the same reality. There goes the importance of a true focus within our group. It is said that all it takes to bring those changes into our reality is the square root of 1 percent of the population meditating together... that is why we are trying to spread the word... calculate for yourself... it only takes 8 000 people to change the focal point to the whole planet's reality.

Ok I don't know why I needed to say all this. Bottom line. we need focus within the group, concencus would be great and I myself think that phiedpiper's file was the best and the only one we should use for now. But like I said... It's not my experiment, it's ours and I give my full respect to Astralwalker's guidance. If he, for some reasons thinks that we should use something else, I will agree but I think we might be also as right as anybody else. So maybe just a discussion on this subject would help us understand where we are heading.

Feeling somehow that we are connecting together.

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