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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by twoRone View Post
We too feel as though that particular file provided the best meditation thus far.. truly remarkable affects for both of "twoRone" .. I also understand what Astralwalker is trying to do with cohesive emotion with everyone generating the same emotions collectively at the same time (precisely the same time) and it surely is a powerful thing.. one I think can be achieved with intent and visualizations beforehand.. one can bring forth this visualization at certain points during the audio file while in alfa state... or just visualize during the whole thing so as not to lose coherance of intent. I personally think as well that that same version of the phied file is by far the best and have looped it to be a one hour file. The other one I like almost as well is the version with 15 min of relaxing sounds then the phiedfile in the center and the relaxing sounds for 15 minutes to end it.. it had native flutes, singing bowls, and some tibetan chanting... I had similar experiances with that file as well.. the difference was so profound when the phied portion is used that it's hard to put into words... what ever file is decided upon just needs to be easy to listen to without jarring or sudden changes and include the phied section in the center.. some of the audio I tried actually hurt when I was jarred out of alpha state by sudden changes. I hope my words are only taken constructively, they are only meant to be such.. this is new ground for all of us; we are all learning here and I truly believe WE ARE ON TO SOMETHING MIRACULOUS!

528hz to all
The same >> 528Hz TO ALL!
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