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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by Truthseeker360 View Post
Musics great loved it...
Had great med with it and will use again this week
Credit where credits due much respect i give to you.

Hey folks ~

Thanks for all the great feedback on the new "nexus meditation with nature" audio file...extremely helpful. And yes, to give credit where it is due, I want to honor the 3 musicians who composed the bulk of this piece:

Jason Welch, et al of Source Vibrations - "Solfeggio Harmonics"
PhiedPiper [ no known name or website] - minimalist "space" music
and my friend Denver Clay of Claysonics - "Rhythm Trance Formed" [excerpts]

My role can be best described as producer and arranger; and the goal was to weave these 3 pieces together as seamlessly as possible, to create a multidimensional listening experience the whole of which is greater than the sum of the individual parts; and which evokes a state of heart coherence or e=motion [and brain sync ], fostering a sense of deep peace and connection to Gaia, evolved humanity, and the Oneness of the multiverse.

So, to recap - following intuitive inspiration, I layered them with sounds from nature, some additional chimes, gongs and chants, a few bridging bits of music, radio frequency emissions from our earth and sun, and harmonically layered binaural frequencies in the gamma, beta, alpha, theta and delta ranges...
and voila!

Here is the link again, right click to save the 150 MB file. Enjoy!

See you soon in the Dreamtime, Rainbow Warriors!


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