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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

i just wanted to check in to say i am still slowly but surely recovering. i hope with a few more weeks time i can get back to work (the first day i can meditate properly again i will know it's time to get that next file ready!).

i'm so sorry i wasn't able to get something ready in time for the first big summer meditation may 9th - it looks like i will not be able to get out to a sacred site either as i will not be in good enough shape by then by the looks of it.

but i definitely feel the conviction to hang in there and pull through to get back into a healthy and balanced state, and i don't think i could have done it without all the wonderful intention of everyone here.

i am certain that if you guys were able to make the difference for me (as i found out that supposedly what i had been diagnosed with could not be treated, however i am unwilling to believe this is true, and sure enough the symptoms are gradually fading...), we can really make a huge difference with the project on a large scale.

the more we are able to focus in on the greatest terms of simplicity and purity of intention, of doing these meditations simply for their own sake and not tying them into anything extra (though they may certainly lead to much more), the more the project will appeal to an increasingly broad demographic and so it will pick up steam as we persevere and work together to make sure our summative good intentions work together to be much more than just the sum of their parts.

in so doing we can hopefully overcome one of the most difficult obstacles that all large scale projects face - the likelihood of smaller details coming in the way of the greater good.

i know we can do this guys!

take care and hopefully i can check in again soon with more good news of my recovery... thanks for everything everyone!!!

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