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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Allright! Here we go again!

Statistics for the 25.04.09 Nexus2012 Meditation
(all numbers arrived at using a calibration method called Applied Kinesiology or simply "muscle testing"):

Total number of participants: 3600-3700 people

Number of people that meditated the full hour: around 3000 people

The 11th(?) Nexus2012 Global meditation event calibrated around 570 on the Scale/Map of Consciousness:

Level 500 is the level where Love becomes more and more Unconditional. Level 540+ is the level of Unconditional Love.


Things are moving along fine it seems. Here are some other things I have measured that is encouraging:

The Density scale relative to the Scale/Map of Consciousness (roughly corresponding to the Chakra system):

3rd density vibration/consciousness: 140-270 (3 lower chakras)
4th density vibration/consciousness: 271-380 (Heart)
5th density vibration/consciousness: 381-480 (Throat)
6th density vibration/consciousness: 481-539 (Third eye)
7th density vibration/consciousness: 540-1000 (Crown)

Understand that being in 3rd density one can attain higher consciousness (which is the goal of many coming here). But being in 4th density or higher is a totally different experience which can hardly be compared to 3rd density existence. Higher conciousness gives a taste of it though. A lot of what seems "out of the ordinary" and "wierd" here in 3rd density (like synchronisity, telepathy, astral travel etc etc.) is the norm in 4th density and higher. The whole of Creation is one synchronistic karmic unit in eternal motion exploring/unfolding innate potential.

The level of Mass Consciousness has made major leaps after the great karmic cleansing of the two World Wars and the influx of higher density beings right after WW2:

1945: (160)
1980: (190)
1990: (205)
2000: (207)
2003: (206)
2008 (primo): (211)
27.09: (256)
06.10: (267)
08.11: (279)
14.11: (285)
28.11: (294)
24.12: (297)


30.01: (303)
26.02: (305)
07.04: (313)

We are now well into 4th density Consciousness on the Mass level. 2008 marked a year of Great Awakening of a lot of "latent" Wanderers. Smack in the middle of this awakening was the infamous 14th october event/non-event. Whatever this was it seems to have helped trigger a lot of latent Wanderers (my experience is that a lot of people who was never "into these things" are now because of that).

Around 40-45% of the population on this planet are Wanderers (from 4th density or higher). This means that if you are interested in "Ascension" and all these things the chances are pretty good that you are a Wanderer. I recommend the Wanderers Handbook from the woman behind the RA material for anyone interested...

An interesting thing to note is that Beings come in with a distinct level of Consciousness. A Wanderer come in with a higher level (around 360 is the average for Wanderers on this planet at this time) than what is "the norm" in 3rd density (around 150 is the average for 3rd density entities on this planet at this time). Growing up here it is impossible not to go below ones incarnation level. The idea is to retrieve that level later, and by doing that one has to transmute the darkness taken in that keeps one from functioning at one's incarnation level. That inner alchemical process comes naturally for many Wanderers as they grow up, and that sacred process also amounts to spiritual growth beyond one's incarnation level. I have tried to illustrate this graphically:

These categories are not to be seen as “rigid and distinct” of course. They should serve only as guidelines for different types of experiences that a Wanderer has signed up for. In reality there are as many varieties of these two “extremes” as there are Wanderers and people. The “average Human” graph is supposed to reflect a 3rd density entity born into a relatively resourceful and wealthy middle class (the true average human (i.e. 3rd density entity) has a lower incarnation level than this graph depicts). There is no separation or “difference” as such between a Wanderer and a “normal” Human. All are eternal Souls at a certain stage of evolution. The flower is not better than the seed. Different stages of development, that is all.

A) All Wanderers come in with a relatively high incarnation level, but some volunteered/chose to delve deeply into the lower depths of the Scale in order to gain valuable experience of "human denial". Evolving out of this is a tough and valuable experience which also prepares them for their future roles in Service to Humanity. The individual “reward” is a chance to make really big leaps up the Scale, and thus evolve much higher than ones incarnation level in just one single lifetime. 3rd density is the hardest “school”, but also the most effective. Wanderers of type A thus aim to take full advantage of that fact.

B) Other Wanderers (probably the majority) never deviated very far from their incarnation level (many probably never go below the 200 limit or at least not for long). This means that their life has been relatively “stable”, and many such individuals do not have the faintest idea that they are not of this Earth. They are here to stabilize the higher vibrations and gain positions of influence in society until the time is ripe. That is perhaps their main service. They are not so much the "risky/gambling" types (like those of category A). Their "goal Level" for this life is typically not set very much higher than their incarnation LoC. Thus, they have not "condensed" as much karma lessons into this life as those of category A.

Notes on the socalled Harvest/Ascension or shift to 4th Density:

It is stated in the RA material that there will be a "3 way split" in the coming Ascension/Harvest:

Those of sufficient positive/Service-to-other-selves-as-Self polarization/orientation will by the "law of attraction" gravitate towards 4th density positive existence. Those of negative/Service-to-ego-self polarization/orientation will gravitate towards the 4th density negative plane. Those in between will continue 3rd density experience for another cycle.

What determines spiritual destiny is the individuals polarization/calibration/orientation (this is, of course, always the rule. Harvest or no harvest). RA talks about these things in percentages which can be a little hard to relate to. Therefore I have translated those percentages into a little more tangible numbers according to the Scale/Map of Consciousness.

RA basically says that to qualify for Harvest to "4th density positive" one needs to be at least 51% "Service-to-Other-selves-as-Self" oriented. This translates to calibrating at 330 or above on the Scale (thus one must be well established withing 4th density vibration/consciousness to qualify).

To qualify for Harvest to "4th density negative" on must be of at least 95% orientation to "Service-to-ego-self" (or less than 5% oriented towards Service to Other selves as Self). This translates to calibrating below 40 on the Scale.

All those in between 40 and 330 are considered indifferent/undecided/unharvestable, and will continue in 3rd density existence for another Cycle.

As of 08.04.2009 around 30-35% of the population calibrates above 330. 7500-8000 of these individuals are harvestable 3rd density entities (i.e. not what we have called Wanderers). These numbers will hopefully and most likely increase in the years leading up to the Great Harvest in/around 2012. Also, around 4000-4500 individuals qualify at this time for “negative harvest” as they calibrate below 40.

On Service and polarization

It is very important to realize that Service to others is not about quantity. It is not about how many people you can "convince" to believe this or that. It is not about how many people you can "wake up" to what is going on etc. It is more about building and maximizing your potential for Service. The quality of your Service corresponds directly to your level of consciousness/understanding. It literally flows out according to that level. Everyone is a channel of a given level of Consciousness. To polarize positive or climb the Scale on must simply face one's life, and all challanges that comes naturally.

The whole momentum of all the StO oriented Beings flows naturally towards the success of this mission. Following what feels exciting/joyful/right always leads to more of that, and you move in the right direction according to your individual plan. Those who are "spooked" by the word "harvest" should remember that we are always reaping/harvesting what we have sown in all eternity. It is only fair that those who want to move on to other realms get a chance to do so once in a while. 3rd density is in many ways the biggest miracle as the forgetfulness is so great here that one can actually feel totally isolated and seperate from everything.

Added later: I also highly recommend Barbara Marciniak's book "Bringers of the Dawn" which provides excellent overview and insights into the coming Shift.



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