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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Dear friends,

As some of you know, today is The Illuminati Day, the day of the enemies of the humanity. I would like to propose you to congratulate them in the next way:

Dear lost brothers and sisters, you people punished with the biggest punishment – absence of Love in your heart – let us first tell you that we are not hate you, even though you have bring immense evil to humanity for centuries. We just want to tell you that we regret for you and your lost souls.

How it happened, brothers and sisters, to go so deeply into the embrace of the dark and evil? How? Do you have the answer? How each of you can look at himself into the mirror of our Creator, into the eyes of your children, in spite of so much pain, misery and suffering that you brought to so many people for so long time?

You have violenced The Order and The Low of the Universe and we know that you know you will get a sharp penalty, as we know that executing more and more and bigger crimes you wish to bury your unclear conscience, creating an illusion that the darkness, evil and wars are the order that should be followed.

Wishing to help you to look outside the absurd of your darkness, we want to send you sincere Love and Light. We have compassion with the consequences that you shall suffer because of your acting, so know that, among all, we want to help you, too, with what we are doing here.

We know, also, that you are so frightened more and more. The fear that you spread for so long time now is backing to you as a last warn. You know very well that enormous masses of people are awakening from the lies and the hypnosis that you have imposed to them.

We don’t know HOW you shall be defeated, but you shall be defeated WITH Love, that’s for sure. And we, here, want you to propose you to accept that defeat as a possibility to finally know and feel Love, for other kinds of defeat should be catastrophic for you. The balance must be established, know that!

We send our Love and Light to help you. You, who did not comprehend the joy of the unconditional Love for Life, look once in different way inside yourselves. Try, under the bloody layers of the evil that you and your predecessors caused to the humanity, the evil that has enslaved you, just try to find the seed of light beneath.

It is your only chance for salvation.


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