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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

The 1st chakra (Root Chakra) is located between the anus and the genitals. It is connected with the coccyx and opens downward. It connects us to the physical world and lets the earthly energy enter our system.
When it is open, we fully accept life on earth and enjoy the physical existence it provides. We act in harmony with the earthly forces and we learn from them. It also provides us with the necessary energy for creative self-expression and lends us the power to achieve.
The Root Chakra is the source of the life force and forms the vital foundation for all the higher chakras.
If your Root Chakra is open and functioning harmoniously, you will experience a deep, personal relationship with Earth and earthly life forms (Nature). You are rooted in life and your life is filled with satisfaction, stability and inner strength. Your actions are guided by the desire to be creatively active in shaping life on planet Earth.

The 2nd chakra (Sacral Chakra) is located above the genitals. It is connected with the sacrum and opens towards the front. We fertilize and receive the energies that permeate all of nature through the Sacral Chakra. The male reproductive organs as well as the impulse to procreate new life is influenced by this chakra.

Water cleanses and purifies. It dissolves and washes away the blockages that obstruct its vital flow. Albeit the kidneys and bladder accomplish this on the physical plane, on the spiritual plane the cleansing and purification process manifests itself in the form of free-flowing feelings. We look at life as something primordial and new, and our interpersonal relationships with the opposite sex are particularly influenced by the condition of the Sacral Chakra.
An open and harmoniously functioning Sacral Chakra allows you to open yourself towards others, especially the opposite sex. Your sexual union with your lover (partner) blossoms into the dance of creation. You feel the flow of the male and female energies streaming through your body, soul and mind.

The 3rd chakra (Solar Plexus Chakra) is located about two fingerbreaths above the navel and opens towards the front. Its functions are highly complex. It represents our sun and our power center. We absorb the solar energy through the Solar Plexus, which nurtures our ethereal body, energizing and maintaining our physical body. Also, our emotional energy radiates from here.

The foundation of our personality is represented through the Solar Plexus Chakra. Our social indentity and our desire to confirm it by personal assertion, our will to achieve, our striving for power, and our adaptation to social patterns all are influenced by the Solar Plexus Chakra.

The most important task of the Solar Plexus Chakra is to purify the desires and wishes of the lower chakras (Sacral and Root). To consciously control and use the creative energy of these lower chakras and allow the spiritual higher chakras to manifest in the material world is the greatest possible fulfillment.
Our moods are influenced by the amount of light we permit to shine within us. When the Solar Plexus Chakra is opened, we feel enlightened, full of joy, and an inner richness.
You feel peace and an inner harmony with your Self, life in general, and your place in the world. You have accepted yourself completely, and you respect the feelings and character traits of others. You also accept your feelings, wishes and experiences in life. You see them in the "right light." Your feelings, wishes and experiences are integrated in such a way that lead to wholeness of being.

The 4th chakra (Heart Chakra) is located in the center of the breast at the height of your heart and opens toward the front. It is the center of the entire chakra system and connects the LOWER (Physical & Emotional Centers) to the three HIGHER (Mental & Spiritual Centers.)

The Heart Chakra is a very important chakra. With the Heart Chakra we find the capability to empathize and sympathize with others. We attune ourselves with the cosmic vibrations and perceive the beauty in nature, music, visual arts and poetry. Here, all images, words and sounds are transformed into feelings.

All yearning for deep intimate contact, oneness, harmony, love, even sorrow, pain, fear of separation or loss of love is expressed through the Heart Chakra. When completely opened, it forms the center of true "unconditional" love.

When this "unconditional" love is connected with the higher chakras, it transforms itself into Bhakti, the Divine Love, which guides us to unity with this Divine Heart of all things in the universe. Enroute toward this goal, our heart must learn to love, understand and accept ourselves (personality) which is the prerequisite to saying "yes" to others and life in general. All our experiences, wishes and emotions have a much deeper sense and purpose, which guide us to a loving acceptance that all feelings and expressions of life originate from the longing for love.
With every negation and rejection, we regenerate separation and negativity, whereas a positive and loving acceptance (a conscious "yes") produces vibrations which neutralize (kill, so to speak) negative thoughts and feelings. Simply put, you can neutralize those intense feelings of grief, anger or despair with your loving, unbiased and undivided attention -- positive thoughts and feelings.

With our Heart Chakra, we possess a great potential for healing others as well as ourselves.Working in harmony with all the other chakras, a completely open Heart Chakra can change the world around you and unite, reconcile, or even heal the person within your surroundings. Your entire being radiates natural warmth, sincerity and happiness. These wondrous energies open the hearts of the people around you, inspiring confidence and creating joy among them. A great compassion and willingness to help others comes perfectly natural to you.

The 5th chakra (Throat Chakra) is located between the depression in the neck and the larynx, beginning at the cervical vertebra. It starts at the cervical vertebra and opens towards the front. It is also connected to a small secondary chakra which has its seat in the neck (and opens to the back.) Since the two chakras are so closely related, they have been integrated as one.

The Throat Chakra is the center of the human capacity of expression, communication and inspiration and is connected to a smaller secondary chakra, which has its seat in the neck and opens to the back. Since they are so closely linked, they are integrated together as the Throat Chakra.

As an important link between the lower chakras and the Crown Chakra, the Throat Chakra serves as a bridge between our thoughts and feeling, impulses and reactions. Here we express our laughter, crying, feelings of love and happiness, anxiety, aggressiveness, intentions, desires, as well as our ideas, knowledge and perceptions of the inner worlds.

The Throat Chakra enables us to reflect on our thoughts and actions. The more we develop the Throat Chakra, the more aware we are of our mental body and our ability to distinguish between our mental and emotional, ethereal and physical bodies. As a result, our thoughts are no longer dominated by our feelings and physical sensations.
Since we can only express that which we find in ourselves, we need to distance ourselves in order to reflect on our thoughts and actions. The Throat Chakra enables us this certain distance. In other words, we need to develop the Throat Chakra in order to become more conscious of our mental body and distinguish between the factors of the mental, emotional, ethereal and physical bodies. In this way our thoughts are no longer dominated by feelings and physical sensations.
When the Throat Chakra is completely open, your feelings, thoughts and inner knowledge are expressed freely and without fear. You express your inner honesty towards yourself and others by your upright posture.

You possess the ability to fully express yourself with your entire personality, and at the same time, you remain silent and listen to others with all your heart and understanding. Your speech is imaginative and colorful and perfectly clear, and your voice is full and melodious. When faced with difficulties and resistance you are able to say "no" -- if that is what you truly mean.

The 6th chakra (Third Eye) is located a fingerbreath above the bridge of the nose in the center of the forehead and opens to the front. The Third Eye Chakra is also associated with the pituitary gland. Here, conscious perception of being takes place. It is the seat of our higher mental powers. On the physical plane, it is the highest center of command for the central nervous system.

Although indigo blue is normally associated with the Third Eye Chakra, yellow, yellow-green and violet can also be seen under meditation. These colors indicate different functions at different levels of consciousness. For exampre, rational or intellectual thought may produce yellow radiation; intuition and holistic cognition, a clear, dark-blue; and extrasensory perception, shades of violet.

Every realization in our lives begins with a thought and a projected image. By our mental powers, we are connected with the process of manifestation via the Third Eye. It is important to understand that all knowledge manifested in Creation already exists. This knowledge is all contained in the pure Being in the same way a seed contains all the information of the finished plant. In Quantum physics, this is also known as the "standardized field."

The shapelessness Being manifests first a pattern of vibration. Then, from this first vibration, each step in the development of awareness creates a new and differentiated pattern of vibration.

From the pure ethereal being to the denseness of matter, all levels of creation are contained in human life. These levels of creation are represented in the chakras with their various levels of vibration; thus, the process of manifestation takes place within and through us.

The Third Eye is the seat of consciousness attainment. Herein we can manifest matter and dematerialize it. We can create new realities and dissolve old ones. For the most part, this is an automatic process that takes place without any conscious action on our part.
By developing our consciousness and Third Eye Chakra, we can control our lives. Our imagination can create the energy necessary for the fulfillment of our wishes. And, when IN CONJUNCTION WITH an open Heart Chakra, we can send out healing energies to those close at hand and far away.

At the same time, we can gain access to all levels of creation beyond the physical reality. This knowledge manifests itself in the form of INTUITION, CLAIRVOYANCE, or the HYPERSENSITIVITY of hearing or feeling. Things that were vaguely suspected before are now perceived very clearly.

When this chakra is open you possess a well-developed ability of visualization and comprehension of things intuitively. You are receptive to mystic truths. You realize more and more that the world is but an allegory, a spiritual principle that has manifested itself on the physical level. From time to time, you notice that your thoughts or ideas have come true.

If you develop your Third Eye completely, you will perceive the world in a new light. Your thinking will be holographic. You will perceive and spontaneously integrate the information from different spheres of creation into your growing capability of all-consciousness/awareness.

The material world will become transparent to you. Your conscious is a mirror for the Divine, and the material world a mirror for the energy that exist on all levels of being.

The 7th chakra (Crown Chakra) is located at the middle of the head and opens upward. The Crown Chakra is also associated with the pineal gland, which is located in the middle of the head between the ears. The Crown Chakra is often represented in religious paintings as a halo above the head. It's predominant color is violet, but it glows in all the colors of the rainbow.

The Crown Chakra unites in itself all the energies of the lower chakra centers. It is the source of energy for all the other chakras.

Here we started our journey into life, and at the end of our development, this is where we will return. Here we live and experience UNITY with the primordial Divine principle and where our personal energy field becomes ONE with the universe.

The awareness the Crown Chakra gives us dwarfs the knowledge the Third Eye Chakra conveys. We now completely comprehend our intellectual and intuitive understanding. We experience our bodies as an expression of Creation as the divine consciousness of which we have become a part.

The color violet is associated with the unfolding of the Crown Chakra. It is the color of meditation and devotion. Albeit we can consciously influence the activation of all our lower chakras, with the Crown Chakra all we can do is open ourselves up to its influence and allow things to happen through us.

With the unfolding of the Crown Chakra, any blockages that may remain in the lower six chakras dissolve and their energies will begin to vibrate at their highest possible frequencies, each chakra working at its own level as a mirror of the Divine Being.

When the Crown Chakra is completely awakened, it ceases to absorb the cosmic energies and starts to radiate its own energy. A lotus blossom blossoms out, so to speak, and forms a crown of pure white light on and above the head. This same energy is portrayed in the artistic paintings of Jesus the Christ as a crown of white light radiating from the top of his head.

The Crown Chakra can only be developed to a greater or lesser extent; Your development with the other six chakras determines the degree. There are no blockages as such in the Crown Chakra. When the Crown Chakra begins to open, your consciousness will become completely calm and open. You will experience your real Self and realize that your Self is part of the omnipresent pure Being which is contained in all matter. As you develop your Crown Chakra, these moments will occur more frequently.

When your Self is ready for this final step of enlightenment, you will know. One day you will feel as if you have just awakened from a long dream of illusion, and for the first time you see the real reality of life. There is no turning back in your development now. You realize that what you have found is your true Self. Your individual ego has been transformed into a universal ego. If you want to know something, all you need to do is ask by directing your attention accordingly. Everything exists within you. You are ONE with the divine Being, and it is through this ONENESS that the ALL exists.

You now realize that matter is nothing but a form of thought in the Divine Consciousness and that it does not really "exists" as such. All that you thought was real up to this point you now perceive as an illusion.


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