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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by mudra View Post

...You will experience your real Self and realize that your Self is part of the omnipresent pure Being which is contained in all matter.

...Your individual ego has been transformed into a universal ego.Here we live and experience UNITY with the primordial Divine principle and where our personal energy field becomes ONE with the universe.

When Ego dissolves we are not self centered anylonger and Love for all there outgrows Love for individual Self...
Originally Posted by Astralwalker View Post

Mother Earth - From my Heart to Yours...

I Love you more than I love myself.

mudra, am I understanding you correctly that the meaning of the quotation associated with the image is that "Mother Earth" here represents the "omnipresent pure Being which is contained in all matter"?

And "myself" here represents "individual self" as opposed to "real Self"?
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